The Nereid Mer


“Legend held it, they shared an ancient ancestry: the appearance of the aggressive Nereid kith being reminiscent of the ‘devil dolphin.’ The orca colored Mer profited from the instinctual reaction their skin patterns invoked in an adversary.”

“Not only didst they interminably sit the throne, but they wert also the wealthiest kith.”

FACTS: In Greek mythology, the Nereids  /ˈnɪəriɪdz/ NEER-ee-idz;) are sea nymphs (distinct from the mermaid-like Sirens), the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris, sisters to Nerites. They often accompany Poseidon and can be friendly and helpful to sailors fighting perilous storms.

Characters who are members of the Nereid Kith include:

Alari-Queen of Muir Tearmann, Onara-Second born, Celicia-daughter of Alari, Ronan-father of Celicia, Kieron-son of Onara

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