The Derketo Mer


“Ivory colored beneath a splattering of what looked like cinnamon rain drops all o’er her skin, Mahra wast least talkative of the Si Raen. Her eyes wert the colors of autumn bursting from the pupil in an array, whilst her hair wast also unable to decide its color. Locks of chestnut, dark auburn, burnt orange all vied for a place on her head. Alari frequently found the Derketo dizzying to look upon when assembled in numbers.”


The Atlantic Spotted Dolphin partially inspired the Derketo Kith. In antiquity, Derketo, goddess of the Philistans – worshiped in Askalon (Syria), was portrayed as half-woman, half-fish.

Mahra is the Derketo mermaid character in Mer Si Raen Ambush.

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