The Nubiti Mer


“Kepi of the Nubiti kith—an elder from the latter days of Neris, strong with the skill to lure—wast in these waters. “

“This creature had bronze colored skin that shimmered with tiny metallic flecks. Her hair was black with an occasional streak of silver, braided in Mer fashion with a scabbard. Her features were sharp, and in some ways, reminiscent of the Egyptian statues he had seen in the Cairo museum. She had spoken from full lips, and here the metallic flecks coalesced, giving an impression of glittered lipstick. The eyes boring into him were molten bronze . . .”


The Nubiti name comes from Egypt, where this Kith has its roots. Mami Wata deities are often pictured in their most ancient primordial aspects as a mermaid, half-human or either half-fish or half-reptile. Isis was originally worshiped as “Mama Uati” in ancient Egypt, and as Mami (Uati/Aruru) in ancient Mesopotamia, where she is first addressed and immortalized in prose by the gods.

Kepi is the character who is a member of the Nubiti kith.

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